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Why are most hotel bathrooms transparent?

  • Автор:Tiffany
  • Источник:NJC
  • Отпустите на:2020-07-28
Why are most hotel bathrooms transparent?

When I was staying in a hotel when I was traveling, I found that the bathroom partitions in many hotels are made of transparent glass. Between the room and the bathroom, we can see each other's every move. When taking a bath, some people may feel a little awkward.

Why is the hotel decorated like this? Some people say that it is to increase the interest, and some people say that it is from a security perspective. So what is the truth? Why use transparent glass in the hotel bathroom?

The truth is that the hotel bathroom partition is designed with transparent glass, which has many uses, such as making the room look more spacious, prompting guests to turn off the bathroom lights, allowing guests to observe the room while taking a bath, and so on.

In fact, if you are worried about privacy leakage and are not used to taking a bath or going to the toilet in a transparent environment, you can also pull up the bathroom curtains. Some high-end hotels use electro-optical glass, which can be made opaque with a single click.

Therefore, there are reasons why hotel bathrooms use transparent glass design, because there are so many benefits of transparent glass design.

The role of transparent bathroom   

1. Make the room look bigger

       The thickness of the glass compartment is relatively thin, which can save nearly 10 cm of space compared to the brick wall compartment, and the glass partition makes the whole room more transparent and visually feels more spacious.

2. Save electricity

       Some guests are accustomed to turning on the bathroom lights all night when they sleep. If the hotel bathroom is glass, not turning off the lights will affect the guests’ sleep. Therefore, if it is a glass partition, light can show through, which can prompt guests to turn off the lights and save electricity.

3. Help with cleaning

       Hotel bathrooms generally do not have windows. If you rely on lighting, there are shadows in some places, and the hotel cleaning staff will not be able to see which places have not been cleaned. With a transparent design, the bathroom will have sufficient light and the hotel cleaning staff can see more clearly Nothing was cleaned up.

4. Improve safety performance

       The transparent design allows you to see everything in the room when you take a bath, minimizing the risk of property loss. For example, if someone breaks in while you are in the bath and cannot see, you can call the police in the bathroom.

5. Create an atmosphere

       Needless to say, many old drivers have already guessed it.

How to avoid embarrassment?

1. Draw the curtain

       The transparent bathrooms of the hotel are equipped with curtains. If you feel embarrassed, just pull the curtains when you take a shower or go to the toilet.

2. Press the privacy protection button

       Some high-end hotel bathroom glass uses electro-optical glass, press the privacy protection button, the glass will become opaque.