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Shangri-La presents festive gifts to welcome guests back to "home" to spend the reunion ye

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2021-01-11
Shangri-La presents festive gifts to welcome guests back to "home" to spend the reunion year together

The end of the year is approaching, and the taste of the year is getting stronger. On the occasion of bidding farewell to the extraordinary Year of the Rat and welcoming the Year of the Ox full of hope, Shangri-La Group presents colorful festive gifts and incorporates the blessings of happiness into every New Year gift and guest experience. From now until the end of February 2021, Shangri-La Group has launched the "Good New Year Food and Lodging Special" and "Royal Rewards" series of New Year products at Shangri-La Hotel, Kerry Hotel, JEN Hotel and Traders Hotel in Mainland China. In addition, hotels around the country have also carefully prepared festive food gift boxes with local characteristics and the "Fragrant Jubilee Year of the Ox Reunion Banquet" that is loved by family consumers. Guests are welcome to return to the "home away from home" to celebrate happiness and well-being. Chinese Year.

New Year of the Ox

Good year food and lodging special

According to the different needs of the guests, Shangri-La Hotel has launched the "Good New Year Food and Lodging Special" with Asian hospitality, rich and pleasant experience and sincere and thoughtful service to create an unforgettable family gathering time for guests. Book now to enjoy multiple benefits, including:

Each room can receive RMB 219 for in-store dining consumption per day;

VIP Golden Circle members earn double reward points;

Families can join the "K20 Shangri-La Happy Growth Plan" activity in the store to share time of exploration, learning and play.

Fragrant Gathering of the Year of the Ox

It is an important custom for the whole family to have a reunion dinner together. This meal is sent to the past and ushered in the new year, entrusting people with auspicious and well-being vision, and also a beautiful summary of the busy year. The catering teams of hotels in Shangri-La will give full play to their strengths, inherit and carry forward Asian cooking skills, pay tribute to the local special flavors, and refine tables of delightful festive delicacies, so that families can save time and effort in front of the stove and enjoy the fragrant and enjoy the year of the Ox. Reunion feast.

"Royal Award" Series New Year's Best Products

Shangri-La Group has also developed the "Royal Reward" series of New Year's best products for the banquet and gifts in festivals, which symbolizes prosperity and good luck. The series is based on the theme of exploring the rare treasures of the palace gardens. It vividly presents auspicious elements such as spirit cows, peonies, hummingbirds, flower windows, copper coins, etc., showing the artistic conception of abundance and prosperity, blooming flowers, and the rising sun, giving the gift box noble elegance, An extraordinary texture. The series includes classic rice cake gift boxes, healthy and delicious sweets and pastries gift boxes, rich and nourishing boutique bon choi, Chinese New Year limited edition red wine and special fragrant tea.

New Year Cake Gift Box: The flagship product of the "Royal Appreciation" series, Xiangchuan Chef God Jinniu Xianrui New Year Cake Gift Box is set off by classical paper art screens, presenting the three-dimensional shape of Jinniu Xianrui, condensing creative delicacy and traditional classics. The steaming rice cake gift box carefully selects winter healthy ingredients, and incorporates the essence of nature into the nine-flavored cakes, showing a rich, mellow, soft and elastic taste.

Confectionery gift box: The red octagonal design of the Niu Zhuan Qiankun New Year gift box is specially designed for the New Year. Shangri-La selects a variety of snacks, including crispy and delicious cookies, nutritious dried fruits, and rich nuts. The Fortune Taurus New Year gift box means that the party will make a fortune and good luck is ready to go. Combining the traditional flavors of candies and nuts with the popular pastries, the icing on the cake for the tip of the tongue.

Poon Choi Gift Box: Shangri-La specially presents two Chinese New Year Poon Choi gift boxes, which are suitable for 6-8 people and Jinyumantang suitable for 8-10 people. Poon Choi pays attention to the rich ingredients in a pot and flavor, including more than ten kinds of delicacies such as Jipin abalone, fish maw, threaded sea cucumber, duck feet, crab yellow fish balls, roast goose, etc., after being fried, fried, roasted, boiled, The cooking process of braising and braising. The taste is gradually stacked up from light to strong, and the soup is fully simmered in a furnace, so that the thick soup penetrates down, and the essence is extracted between the ingredients. Each bite is full of rich taste and flavor. The joy of reunion.

Beverage gift box: Shangri-La specially prepares two types of royal tea and sweet-scented osmanthus tea to congratulate the New Year, and cooperates with Yiyuan Winery to launch a limited edition wine for the Year of the Ox. Palace Pu'er tea is derived from Yunnan Dayezhong sun-dried green tea, refined with traditional techniques, after more than 10 years of natural aging, the taste is mellow, light and sweet. Sweet-scented osmanthus tea is made by selecting fresh osmanthus and high-quality black tea for many times. The aroma is natural and fragrant, and the tea soup is rich and slightly fruity. The Year of the Ox limited edition wine is blended with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from the two producing areas of Yiyuan Winery in Ningxia and Shanxi. It is not only rich in the sweet and fruity aroma brought by the climate of Ningxia, but also retains the fresh taste imparted by Shanxi, which is matched with different dishes , Don't have a taste.


Shangri-La Hotel, Yiwu, has launched auspicious Ruyi Buddha Jumping over the Wall gift box, which is made with a variety of high-quality ingredients for a long time, and the Xuefang Jiang ham gift box from Jinhua Dongyang with a century-old heritage; Shangri-La Hotel, Hohhot’s Mongolian Alba The mutton gift box, the delicious mutton wrapped in the original prairie feelings; the Cantonese sausage gift box of Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou has a mellow fragrance, thin skin and tender meat. The sausage claypot rice made with it is an indispensable family in winter. Gourmet; Zhoushan Shangri-La's large yellow croaker gift box, Yangzhou Shangri-La Hotel's puffer fish, saury gift box and Dalian Shangri-La Hotel's instant sea cucumber gift box allow consumers to taste the plump and plump freshness and seafood at home.

Traditional pastry

The Ningbo glutinous rice balls gift box of Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo has a smooth taste, oily and sweet, representing the authentic Ningbo flavor; Yangzhou Baozi and Yangzhou morning tea selection gift boxes of Yangzhou Shangri-La Hotel fully demonstrate the exquisite food culture of Yangzhou as the hometown of Huaiyang cuisine; The Chinese time-honored Laobian dumpling gift box launched by Shangri-La Hotel in Shenyang is an indispensable favorite on the northern reunion table; Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian’s sea cucumber fresh pork buns, oyster radish buns, sea urchin dumplings and other pastries will serve consumers A handmade delicacy with delicious taste and rich soup.

Fine wine

The IPA Ale brewed by Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel is infused with American citrus-flavored hops to balance the sweetness brought by malt, making it easier to eat, and is deeply loved by young consumers; Shenyang Shangri-La Hotel 380 years of fine collections-Eight Banners Aixinjueluo wine adds a festive atmosphere and sweet aftertaste to the reunion festival; Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao and Langyatai Wine Group jointly launched the small Langgao wine gift box and Langyatai original wine gift box, which are full-bodied , The taste is fragrant, whether it is a gift to relatives and friends, or home-made products, it is the best choice.