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Pet Friendly Hotel attracts people to come

Last year, many people had more time to adopt a dog, and now they are embarrassed to travel, they put those pets. Hotel operators are looking for new ways to accommodate travelers and their furry family members.

March 2021, Marker Key West Harbor Resort, Florida, Florida ,comes a pet-free hotel. (The Marker Key West Harbor Resort)

Yunior Rodriguez, General Manager, MARKER Key West Harbor, Florida, said that the hotel has been a pet-friendly hotel in March to keep up with the game.

He noted more and more people with pets, and many AiBnb properties were listed as a pet, he knew that his hotel must compete with it.

He said that Marker not only has a pet-friendly, and there is a dog park, fire hydrant and game room, which provides special packaging for dogs, including custom welcome bags with toys and snacks.

Tiny change from new crown epidemic

Andrew Ladd, General Manager of Kona Kai Resort & Spa, San Diego, said his hotel must conduct some small changes in its island claws during the peak of the big popular peak, such as those who cannot ship as many rooms as possible. Internal item limits the face-to-face contact.

The guidance has been changed, and the program restarts and re-runs, and its station Tree Butler can provide a room for the dog, including bed, food and water bowl.

Dog with padded board

The Surfjack Hotel & Sim Club in Honolulu, Hemu, Hawaii, welcomes the cat and dogs, and free Walking dog bags and dog bags for guests. The company's general manager Lynette Eastman said.

Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club in Hawaii, allows cats to stay in the hotel. It is shown here that a dog in the hotel lobby. (Surfing Jack Hotel & Swimming Club)

She said: "At any day, there are 10 dogs on the scene."

Surfing Jack also cooperates with local puppy day care services, which can be attached from the hotel lobby. She said, in the summer, it also cooperates with Sup Dog Hawaii to provide vertical paddle surf and swimming courses for dogs.

She said: "We also welcome humans to participate in these courses."

Mountain night bed service

General Manager Sean Coprid said in an interview with an email, Bristol Hotel in Bristol, Virginia, is another hotel in the hotel.

Although the hotel has not changed its pet policy due to great popularity, the puppies continue to provide puppies, allowing guests to use snacks, plush beds, food and water bowls when checking in. He said, the room.

Copley added that Bristol also offers a night bed service, leaving snacks on a dog's pillow.

Become a suggestion for pet friendly and property

For a boutique hotel that is considering pet, Irsman said, is now a good time.

She said that the hotel operator should "remember, during the isolation last year, thousands of people adopted pets, they were likely to travel with them."

For those who consider reorganization of hotel pet plans or considering pets, Rad said that hotel operators should be very clear about their own policies and make sure to post exquisite words on the website.

Hotel operators should also have creativity in terms of pet guests. He said that one of the examples is placed on the front desk and wrote the name of the dog's dog on the same day.

Rodriguez said those who wish to raise pets should also keep in mind employee training.

He said that everyone who loves pets wants to clean them with dog-friendly rooms or provide special convenience facilities for pets, so training employees is very important to guests and their four-foot friends.