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"New retail" continues to heat up to help the rise of new formats for catering and cultura

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2020-06-10
"New retail" continues to heat up to help the rise of new formats for catering and cultural tourism

Prevention and control of the epidemic situation has become normal, the order of production and life has begun to recover quickly, and people have gradually developed new consumption methods and habits. The implementation of the "new retail" concept has caused many innovations in the market to grow against the trend. Industry insiders said that the catering and cultural tourism industries, which were more severely affected by the epidemic, are taking the "new retail" ride, helping the recovery of consumption.

1. New demand for cultural and leisure activities has given birth to product and service upgrades

Double-height space, tall seasonal green plants, public space art exhibition, a cup of Italian freshly ground coffee, this is a western restaurant in the office building of Heshenghui, Chaoyang, Beijing, where consumers can not only Taste the food, hold small business meetings, and even book travel products. The reporter learned that the large-scale commercial complexes in Beijing City, such as Huizhou Shopping Mall, Chaoyang Joy City, Heshenghui, etc., which have been focusing on new retail concepts, have long become the new landmarks of Beijing's punch card, and an experiential scene of multicultural blending attracts fashion groups. As well as mainstream consumer families who like quality life, many small retail spaces take this opportunity to start exploring new retail models, such as SKP’s RENDEZ-VOUS fashion creative bookstore, Caesar’s iterative store “MI MIUNGE” Western restaurant, etc., Once launched, it received market attention.

2. Catering + new retail era is coming

The epidemic made people "home" at home, which brought challenges to many traditional catering companies that were originally used to offline store business, and "pre-packaged food" has become a new way for many companies to transform. The reporter learned that pre-packaged foods can be embodied as pre-made dishes, semi-finished products, etc. Under the impact of the epidemic, many catering companies have begun to sell pre-packaged foods in the form of new retail. For example, thank you mother for fried chicken to launch the "house cooking" series As for products, scorpion rolls out "smoked smoked bones", Jiuruxiang launches spicy crayfish, hot and spicy stewed products, and online sales have become the main profit point of these enterprises.

3. New retail will create more space for corporate innovation

Recently, Dong Mingzhu brought goods live, hitting hundreds of millions of sales in a few hours; since the outbreak of Hema, the online traffic has been nearly three times the same period last year, and the proportion of online orders has increased from 50% to 80%; Cao Cao In the "Cao Cao Help" business launched by Mobility, the business unit volume in April increased by nearly 90% year-on-year... In the "Beijing Economic Operation Report for the First Quarter of 2020" released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, it was the first time that new retail Presentation: New retail enterprises achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 70% in retail sales.

From this, it can be seen that under the resumption of production and the resumption of business, the new retail has more room to play, and it also caters to the new characteristics of post-epidemic consumption in which people seek the optimal solution of consumption and deeply experience high-quality and beautiful life. According to industry analysts, from the perspective of the development trend of the digital economy, a new generation of consumers are accustomed to online consumption and identify with the social circle. Merchants can make consumption by building a distinctive offline cultural life scene and then integrating online and offline. There is an in-depth experience of refinement, personalization and visualization. On the other hand, the recovery of the post-epidemic industry requires new ideas and new models. Cutting in from the perspective of new retail will undoubtedly create more space for related companies to innovate their business formats.

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