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Marriott Bonvoy launches custom-made Mid-Autumn Festival gift box from the national tide to taste fe

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2020-08-12
Marriott Bonvoy launches custom-made Mid-Autumn Festival gift box from the national tide to taste festive reunion time

Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 is approaching. Marriott International Group's award-winning travel plan, Marriott Bonvoy, takes traditional Chinese culture as the theme, and launches Marriott Bonvoy Customized My Heart·Forbidden City Food Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box. Adhering to the admiration of traditional Chinese culture, Marriott Bonvoy focuses on Chinese aesthetics and subtly integrates traditional customs and national trends into the current lifestyle through customized Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, showing the charm of elegant Chinese traditional culture, and creating a new national style for guests Gift. This time there are three series of five products in the gift box, namely round box·lanping, round box·Yifeng Guoxiang, brocade box·Yueling, brocade box·huifu and blessing box·Fu Xiping, allowing guests to enjoy The unique traditional aesthetic design conveys holiday wishes. When relatives and friends share the warm time of reunion, they can also feel the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture in modern life.

Speaking of the customized Mid-Autumn Festival gift box launched this time, Michael Malik, Senior Vice President of Operations, Greater China of Marriott International Group, said: “Under the new normal of 2020, companionship and gatherings will become more precious. Marriott International has always been committed to serving travelers and Local guests create favorite dining and gathering places to provide unforgettable moments for every gathering. This time we specially launched a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box inspired by Chinese culture to give more meaning and stories to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Marriott Bonvoy entrusted my heart ·The Mid-Autumn Festival custom gift box created by Forbidden City Foods carries the beautiful meaning of several generations in the classic pattern, combines with the traditional festivals, and conveys homesickness with traditional Chinese culture."

This year marks the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City. At this special historical point in time, the "My Heart·Forbidden City Food" Marriott Bonvoy exclusive gift box inherits the ingenuity culture and at the same time cleverly presents the essence of history in the traditional festival in a popular way, with its own characteristics The gift box series of, show the rich Chinese elegance:

Round box series: From design to selection, it is particularly eye-catching. Both gift boxes are embroidered on the surface. The design is inspired by the Qing Dynasty "Red Satin Cantonese Embroidered Birds and Four Screens", depicting lush foliage, swarms of birds, and blooming phoenix and peonies under the plane tree. The image of auspicious auspiciousness symbolizes Yutang's wealth and prosperity. The round box contains six representative Cantonese and Soviet mooncakes, including Cantonese honey tea oil, lotus seed paste, egg yolk, Cantonese coconut paste, and Soviet smoothie green plum. The taste may be rich, sweet or delicate and elegant. At the same time, the Marriott Bonvoy custom gift Fuzhou jasmine tea, which is the homophony of "Mo Li", conveys the sincere wish of "Reunion and Long Gathering", allowing guests to taste the taste buds brought by moon cakes in the elegant tea room. In addition, the round box with the embroidered pattern and the four-season blessing pattern art porcelain plate are provided by Wu Jiangzhong, the representative inheritor of Jingdezhen's hand-made porcelain technique, a representative project of intangible cultural heritage of Jiangxi Province.

Brocade Box Series: Two Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes, Yueling and Huifu in the Brocade Box Series. Three types of Cantonese-style mooncakes (total of six) are selected. The design of Brocade Box · Yueling is inspired by the "Red Satin Cantonese" in the Qing Dynasty The third panel of "Embroidered Bird Four-panel Screen", golden pheasant and blooming flowers shade each other, implying icing on the cake. The design of the brocade box · Huifu is selected from the very popular furoshiki decorations on the imperial wares of the Qing Dynasty, with the homonym of "bagfu" to convey the wishes of happiness and auspiciousness.

Fu Box·Fu Series Ping An Gift Box: In addition to adopting the brocade box·Hui Fu's furnishing design inspiration, the Fu Box·Fu Series Ping An Gift Box also contains six Cantonese and Su-style mooncakes. In addition, the exquisite craftsmanship of the box adds sincerity to this Mid-Autumn Festival blessing, allowing guests to experience the special festival created by the clever combination of culture and food through the customized Mid-Autumn Festival gift box of Marriott Bonvoy.

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