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Jin Jiang Hotel 1951-- witness to history

  • Source:First Data
  • Release on:2015-12-08
传奇的开始——董竹君Legendary Start - Dong ZhujunJin Jiang Hotel is a legendary female founder - Dong Zhujun. In 1935, Dong Zhujun founded in Shanghai after "Jinjiang meal" converted "Jinjiang Sichuan restaurant." After the founding of New China, the government plans to start a hotel reception level security institutions. It was agreed that: the Jinjiang Jinjiang Sichuan restaurant and tea room moved to Changle Road Chinachem apartments, all assets by the Government of the disc, the new restaurant follows the "JJ" brand, the name "Jinjiang Hotel" by the chairman of Dong Zhujun the Jin Jiang Hotel. June 9, 1951, Jinjiang Hotel was formally established, the birth of new China's first State Guesthouse.
新中国首家国宾馆New China's first State Guesthouse"Old Jin Jiang" This is the nickname for the people of Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel, this new China's first State Guesthouse, witnessed the birth of many major historical events. If you Jinjiang Hotel's history is not so familiar with, but if mention in 1972 Sino-US co-published in Jinjiang hall "Sino-US joint communiques," should no wonder, known to everybody. It was the publication, on behalf of the US-China formally established diplomatic relations, it is also in the Jinjiang Hotel, the United States has taken a historic step.
政坛风云人物的足迹Political man's footstepsIt is understood, Jin Jiang Hotel's guests for more than half from overseas, which has more than 500 leading figures and government officials in more than 150 countries and regions, including almost half a century of world politics man, Nixon, Pompidou Du, Tanaka, Margaret Thatcher, Tito, Vladimir Putin, and so have left footprints in the Jinjiang Hotel.彰显饭店特色的创新Hotel Features highlight innovationHeritage Jin Jiang Hotel services, perhaps we have seen, but innovation is plagued guestroom old problem of how to take advantage of the hotel's historical heritage, through the modernization of services to highlight the characteristics of the hotel, which is also Jinjiang people need to think about.