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Intercontinental Greater China CEO: Foreign companies make "quick money" in China will not

   Zhou Zhuo-chou believes that another "trick" for the development of foreign companies in China is that they can not think of making "quick money." Sustainable development and responsible development are very important.
"Foreign companies in China must develop legally and legally and may not last long if they just want to make some quick cash." Intercontinental Hotel Group Greater China CEO Jolyon Bulley interviewed in Beijing to share the " Old "foreign-funded enterprises to China for more than 30 years of business.

In the eyes of Zhou Zhuo,InterContinental Hotels GroupAnd China's story "is a wonderful journey." The starting point of this journey can be traced back to the beginning of reform and opening up.

In 1978, China, which had just opened its doors to the world, attracted the attention of many foreign investors and entrepreneurs. However, at that time, China was in a vacancy in the operation and management of modern hotels. The problem of insufficient reception capacity became a big issue.

In October 1978, Deng Xiaoping put forward the idea of ​​"using foreign capital to build a hotel". In this context, in January 1984, Beijing Lido Hotel Co., Ltd. signed an operation and management agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn Beijing Lido opened its doors and became the first international hotel brand in the Chinese market.

"When we entered China in the 1980s, we initially only wanted to meet foreign friends to come to China to stay in international branded hotels." Commenting on this history, Zhou Zhuoji expressed his feelings about the changes in China over the past 30 years. "In the past, consumption in upscale international hotels The vast majority of guests are foreigners, and now Chinese guests have become the largest consumer groups. "


During this period, China also grew to be the fastest-growing market for IHG in the world. According to Zhou Zhuoji, the group spent 24 years running its 100th hotel in China from zero to 100, taking only 5 years from 100 to 200 and further reducing it from 200 to 300 to 4 years. Today, it has built 316 hotels in Greater China and another 285 under construction.

The Chinese people's rising demand for high-end consumer products has benefited from the rapid economic development since the reform and opening up. In this process, the role of foreign capital can not be ignored. With the constant optimization of China's economic structure and the service industry becoming a new engine of development, more foreign investors are expected to find opportunities.

Zhou Zhuo also observed this trend. He pointed out that China's initiatives such as promoting trade flow and increasing infrastructure construction during the "Belt and Road Initiative" are expected to bring tremendous opportunities to tourism and service industries. In addition, the new urbanization represented by Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Tai Wan areas will also have some inevitable needs for related services. "This gives us even more confidence."

The door to China's opening up will only grow wider. In August this year, the State Council issued the "Notice on Several Measures for Promoting Foreign Investment Growth" to further promote the rule of law, internationalization and facilitation of foreign investment in China, promote the growth of foreign investment and improve the quality of foreign investment utilization. Flattened the road. 


Referring to the suggestions of latecomers, Zhou said that enterprises that want to come to China must regard China as the core of their development strategy, enhance their understanding of China and strengthen communication and cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. In his view, after coming to China, foreign companies must devote themselves to understanding the local market and culture. At the same time, they should also get to know some local partners who can grow together and recruit top talents from home and enable them to promote all aspects of work more effectively.

Zhou Zhuo-chou believes that another "trick" for the development of foreign companies in China is that they can not think of making "quick money." "It is very important for sustainable development and responsible development not only to pursue the quantity growth but more importantly how to achieve common development with the Chinese society and economy." He hopes that foreign companies in China can establish a rooted China as the starting point and Development of China's international leader in the reputation of promoting the development of their industries.