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How to know if the hotel room has been cleaned

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2020-07-01
How to know if the hotel room has been cleaned

At present, many hotels advocate environmental protection, if the guests staying do not require bed linen replacement, they will not take the initiative to clean the door. So what is the difference between changing the sheets?

In the process of washing the linen, in addition to washing, it also needs to be ironed by a large ironing machine. "A large ironing machine is as large as four beds." Due to the strong pressure, the bed linen will be There are obvious creases in the quilt cover, etc. "The second time you use it, even with the best technology, the waiter cannot restore it to its original state."

In front of a bed that has been laid, you can clearly see the creases of the bed sheet, but gently touch it, the crease will become lighter and weaker, if someone lie down, it will disappear, or there will be more on the bed sheet Many creases.

1. Pillow

Judgment method: first smell, because if someone has slept, it will inevitably leave a smell, customers staying in the hotel will take a shower before going to bed, the smell of shampoo is easy to distinguish; press again, the hotel pillow is more fluffy, but if the pillow is pressed Going into a group may be the result of being used and poorly organized; in the end, it can be observed that if there are wrinkles on the edge of the pillow, most people have used it.

2. Slippers

Slippers and bathrobes and other supplies, mainly rely on creases to determine whether to replace. Generally speaking, the slippers of star hotels are disposable. Disposable slippers are mostly flattened after being tied and transported, and the creases will be very obvious. Once they are worn, they will be easily distinguished. New shoes must be put on the foot with a little force. The slippers that are worn are more Easy to wear in.

For the replacement of bathrobes, it can also be judged whether it is replaced by a waiter by observing whether there are stains or hair.

3. Toiletries

As for toiletries, the consumption of toiletries, especially toothpaste, has been reduced a lot compared with previous years. "The packaging is not broken, basically it can be judged to be new, and if the opening of the toothpaste is damaged, it means that someone has used it. ."

4. Water Cup

In the guest room, cups are common items, including coffee cups, tea cups, mouthwash cups, etc. are placed in a prominent position, how to judge whether the cup is cleaned or replaced? If you can't see the stain clearly, you can judge it by looking at the bottom. Turn the quilt upside down and align it with the indoor lights. The walls of the clean glass will be transparent, no fingerprints will appear, and there will be no dirt on the bottom. If it is a coffee cup and an opaque cup, you can use a paper towel to gently wipe it, if there are obvious traces, it is a used cup.

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