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How many new tricks can I "number"?

Recently, the discussion of digital development in the hotel has begun to increase. In fact, after the opening of the epidemic situation, digitization has become one of the directions of the hotel's upgrade and active exploration, more and more hotels integrate digital information technology into their own business. Manage and guest services.

At the beginning of 2021, the Ministry of Education was upgraded to "Hotel Management and Digital Operation" in the latest high-time enrollment catalog, and under this change, all colleges have changed their names. Explore hotel management and digital depth. In addition, the "Notice on Accelerating the Digital Transformation of State - owned Enterprises" is issued by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Metal Committee, and the hotel industry digitally issued the water surface. In the "2021 Shanghai Minsheng Interview", Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fang Shizhong is looking forward to the blueprints of Shanghai Digital Hotel. It said that it is necessary to strive to promote 600 digital hotels in the year, and in order to promote the orderly healthy development in the digital hotel. "Shanghai Digital Transformation" Digital Hotel "Scene Construction Work Plan" has been prepared.

As a prematter for comprehensive promotion of urban digital, Shanghai has focused on the prospects advantage of the Digital Digital combination, which has extremely distinctive knowledge for the reengineering of the national wine training.

Hotel Digital Times

As early as 1981 US International Commercial Company (IBM), the Westin Hotel launched the mainstream credit card booking and checkout service in real time, leaving the first one on the road of information and information digital technology. " Footprints, but the hotel information application is only focused on the hotel's own business management to optimize information processing, customer service, etc., did not form a full digital application awareness. However, with the development of information technology, its links to the hotel industry have gradually increased, such as the online booking function introduced by Choice and Holiday Inn in 1995, Xi Holiday Hotel and Promus take the lead in providing customers with real-time central booking service; In 2009, Choice Hotels and Intelity launched a mobile application of accommodation enterprises together; 2014 Apple Pay online, the room has a keyless entry and other application scenarios.

And with the rapid development of information technology in China, China Hotel has also begun to enter the digital phase. In the article "Development Stage and Characteristics of Shanghai Accommodation Industry Information Technology" written in Shanghai Business School Hotel Management College, Shanghai Accommodation Information Development is divided into four stages, in 1998 Previous information technology gradually applied in the accommodation service, in 1999-2003, the information technology rapidly enhanced the efficiency of the accommodation industry, 2004-120 in 2013 and a large number of mobile terminals in the mobile terminal and the wisdom stage of 2014. Despite its use of Shanghai as a research sample, the development process of information technology is common to the Chinese hotel industry.

If the development of information technology is in the practical application of the hotel industry, its development can be roughly divided into 2 phases: first, the optimization change of the hotel's own business management, such as the establishment of a customer management system (CRM), resources accumulated in hotel resources Planning System (ERP), etc., complete the management and upgrading of the hotel, simplified management logic, forming the management operation of hotel departments, at this time, guests can enjoy only simple services such as reservation, consultation, checkout; then In the consumer upgrade environment, digitally renovation of the hotel service level, which is mainly reflected in the explosion of the enterprise app, the landing application of smart homes, the full coverage of intelligent robots, and the prevalence of contactless services, the hotel industry is only a hotel industry Really entered the digital age.

Under the double digital upgrade of hotel management and customer service, China Hotel Industry is unavoidable into the era of digitally explosive, and the hotel's digital transformation also presents new features.

Hotel Digital Transformation New "Change"

"When the Internet enters the next half, the network has become infrastructure like hydropower coal. On the Internet, when digital survival will become a must-have tool and application." Mai Point columnist Liu Nai Gang believes that from essential, the hotel is digital The transformation is actually switched to a new price creation network based on underlying technology, cloud calculation and Internet of Things, instead of upgrading in the original traditional value network. This also means that the hotel's digital transformation will fundamentally change the hotel's management model, business model, and even a competitive pattern.

From the corporate management level, accompanied by the domestic economic structure into the deep water area, the company has begun to transform from extensive growth to refine operation, digitalization also presents the "light-to-heavy" situation, which is characterized by "light" marketing The paragraph penetrated into the "light" of the "light" pure line incremental scene to "heavy". At this point, the hotel industry has begun to perform digital changes in the content management system, forming a model of hotel operations management systems with employee OMS, room PMS and guest CRM. Blue Bean Technology CEO Yang Safan believes that digital the application of digital management has mainly three elements, which are inline, process data systemization, and smart services that form guests, employees and managers.

From the hotel's business level, more is the redeal of products based on user-oriented, and the re-upgrade of hotel hardware software, which is unfair to the consumer's upgrade, technology change and the characteristics of the times. contact. The first is that the young generation living in the Internet is a consumption main army. Its consumption demand for the digital experience has been extended to the role of life, while the hotel industry can only adapt to the new consumption trend; followed by the Internet, the development of big data Let the application range of new technologies continue to expand, including many technologies, including Huawei, began to build a smart scene, and as a scene bearer, the hotel industry must have links to it; finally the characteristics of the era after the era caused no contact The synonym of travel, at this time, the hotel's digital evolutionary feature is more focused on the consumer, while maintaining "physical distance sensation".

What is the future of the hotel?

Under the guidance of "14th Five-Year Plan", digitization is becoming a must-have keyword for the upgrading of various industries. What will I do with the future digital hotel?

# 物 物 相, create a perfect interaction experience

From the voice to VR, offline, big data and Internet of Things to development allow consumers' consumer demand to make more detailed demonstrations, but also a depth link between the hotel and consumers, will no longer be used after landing Just serve the consumer's accommodation experience, but extends to the details of the accommodation process, and improve the accommodation experience while reducing unnecessary action, and more real-time feedback is obtained during the stay. These links allow consumers and hotels to form an unprecedented tie, while the hotel's membership system can also integrate into a perfect interactive experience.

# Scene upgrade to form a personalized service system

Digital use allows new generation of consumers to have a good stretch, whether it is the enthusiasm for the e-sports hotel or the love of social hotel, consumers can be captured by the hotel, thus completing the re-upgrade of accommodation experience . From a certain point of view, the hotel is digital, will break the inherent scene thinking, using the deep use of VR and 3D, thereby completing the transformation of the hotel scene, and can give consumers in the same hotel. Different accommodation experiences, and even A virtual experience can be performed before staying.

# 科技 能,, add this effect and upgrade

For most hotels in the moment, more digital transformations are reflected in the upgrade of smart home configurations and service systems, but in fact, digitalization has distinctive guiding significance for the reform of the hotel's organizational architecture.The general manager of Ali Nail has made public expressions, information, data, and mobilization development in the forum held in China Hotel Association, making changes in the hotel industry have changed, and the digitizedOn one aspect, you can help the hotel improve communication efficiency, on the other hand, can make consumers and hotel staff to form a tightly connected.For the long-term development of the hotel, it was once again met the demand for the flying efficiency of the hotel.