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Hilton would like to mention the "Best Employer" + "Outstanding Enterprise for Anti-e

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2020-09-30
Hilton would like to mention the "Best Employer" + "Outstanding Enterprise for Anti-epidemic Contribution" Double Awards

Recently, Hilton once again received good news from the "Best Oriental". At the "2020 Best Oriental Summit Forum and the 7th Best Employer Award Ceremony" held in Hangzhou, Hilton won the "Best Employer in Tourism Service Industry" award and In 2020, the award of "Outstanding Enterprise in Anti-epidemic Contribution of Tourism Service Industry in 2020" was specially awarded. This is the seventh consecutive year that Hilton has won the title of "Best Employer in the Travel Service Industry".

Ms. Wang Xiaorong, Vice President of Human Resources of Hilton Greater China and Mongolia, said: “The hotel industry is a people-oriented industry. All brand concepts need to be realized through employee service delivery. It is not difficult to understand the strategic position of employer brands in the hotel industry. Talent strategy is also one of the five major components of Hilton’s 2025 strategy. In Hilton’s value chain consisting of team members, guests, and shareholders, team members are at the core; only by creating a good working environment and experience for team members can team members Provide guests with the same quality of service. When guests feel at home, their performance will naturally rise and shareholders will have more confidence in returns."

Ms. Chen Yan, vice president of "Best Oriental", a leading recruitment leader in the tourism service industry, said: "In the past 7 years, we have witnessed Hilton's unremitting efforts in building the "Best Employer" and the gratifying results they have achieved. A well-known international hotel management group at home and abroad, Hilton has set a model for the industry. Today, it is well-deserved to award Hilton the "Best Employer" in the tourism service industry."

As an authoritative award for human resource development and talent value construction in the tourism service industry, the selection process of Best Oriental "Best Employer in the Tourism Service Industry" is very strict, from corporate culture, brand image, organization management, salary and welfare, career development, and working environment The six dimensions conduct a comprehensive review of the participants, and are jointly selected and launched by four parties through social public surveys, corporate human resources and employee surveys, the best employer interaction index, and expert reviews. "Best Oriental", a leading enterprise in the recruitment of tourism service industry, focuses on commending and publicizing the outstanding achievements of the "Best Employer" and provides an authoritative reference direction for the sustainable development of China's tourism service industry.

In order to better care for team members, Hilton Group put forward the "Thrive@Hilton" employer value proposition in 2017, covering three major parts, namely caring for the physical health, spiritual health and mental health of team members. Physical health is the foundation of everything. To this end, Hilton will train employees in nutrition and stress management to help them maintain good exercise habits; in terms of mental health, Hilton attaches great importance to cultivating the habit of lifelong learning for employees, and is leading Special attention has been paid to the development of power; in terms of spirit, "Thrive@Hilton" more represents gratitude and feedback. Hilton believes that as a company with a century-old history, its own development benefits from the care of different people and communities; therefore, Hilton I hope to give back to the guests, the community, and the society in which they live.

Ms. Wang Xiaorong said: "Our team members are very proud of Hilton Thrive@Hilton's employer value proposition, because it demonstrates the concept of'Only team members can thrive and the company can flourish'. This is the essence of Hilton's employer brand. This concept has now become Hilton’s DNA, and team members agree with it no matter where they go to the hotel."

The “Outstanding Enterprise in Anti-epidemic Contribution in Tourism Service Industry 2020” collects three-dimensional data on the company’s social contribution, employee care, and social response during the epidemic, and scores the participating companies and evaluates the company’s resource allocation motivation and personnel during the epidemic. Organizational power and social influence, and select companies that made the most outstanding contributions during the fight against the epidemic. Recognize and reward enterprises for their behaviors and spirit of bravely assuming social responsibility in the fight against the epidemic.

At the beginning of the epidemic, 169 team members of Hilton’s three hotels in Hubei were responsible for receiving medical staff who went to Wuhan and Hubei to support the frontline. After that, 4 hotels across the country were responsible for receiving medical teams who completed their tasks and returned to their hometowns for rest; the epidemic hit, as an international hotel As the management group, Hilton took the lead in introducing an unconditional refund policy to guests, and then updated it several times according to the development of the epidemic; in order to reduce the burden on the owners, Hilton adjusted the cost policy according to the actual situation, and went hand in hand with the owners to overcome the difficulties; many Hilton hotels offered to the local community Volunteers, community organizations and ordinary workers who stick to their posts provide various convenience and catering services to support their anti-epidemic actions; Hilton also launched a "team member assistance fund" to provide support to team members affected by the new crown epidemic; On the occasion of the festive season, the Greater China and Mongolian management personally donated to all team members on the front line of Wuhan's anti-epidemic; in the face of the normalization of the new crown epidemic, Hilton opened take-out services from various hotels in the early stage of the epidemic to live broadcast by online chefs and launched AI Customer service "Xiaoxi", and a series of marketing activities; it is particularly worthwhile to highlight that Hilton Worldwide has implemented the Hilton CleanStay "Hilton CleanStay", an upgraded version of the new cleaning and disinfection standard, and gradually introduced Hilton EventReady with The CleanStay "Hilton Clean Care and Peace Club" project includes a series of new sanitation procedures, allowing guests around the world to enjoy a cleaner and safer accommodation experience.