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Frequent international hotel brand in the end what happened?

   In the minds of consumers also had a "myth" like a lofty position. Why is there frequent problems in recent years? Is the international brand investment, operating problems? Or the market environment?

The recent hubbub of Marriott's "Tibetan independence" door has aroused the nation's attention. The major APPs have taken shelves of Marriott products one after another. And then think of the various "hot searches" of international hotel brands in recent years: From the "bed sheets" of five international hotel brands in Beijing, the "toilet doors" of three international brands in Harbin to the Sofitel of Wanda, the intercontinental of Finance Street and Jing'an Hilton Of the "delisting gate", there are circle of friends on the five-star hotel stay experience Tucao, international hotel brands can be described as frequent problems.

As we all know, the international brand in the history of the development of China's hotel industry play an indelible role in the minds of consumers also had a "myth" like a lofty position. Why is there frequent problems in recent years? Is the international brand investment, operating problems? Or the market environment? What are the underlying reasons behind it? International hotel brand development prospects in China how?

On the above issues, let us take a look at the domestic and international hotel groups, hotel management institutes, consulting firms and other experts in different fields point of view.

The company is located in:Li Yuan, a professor at Sichuan University's School of Tourism: Advantages have become less dominant, not retreating

In recent years, contrary to the fact that the quality and scale of China's hotel market are continuously optimized, the international hotel brands are in a weak state in the Chinese market with frequent problems. Some of the problems are principled, stupid and unforgivable; some are very elementary, with the initial purpose of international brands being pulled away. The reason, can be summarized as the following aspects:

The company is located in:First, the cornerstone of disaster.The formation of the international brand began in the fifties and sixties of last century, its success comes from the leading consumer business philosophy, management and service standards. Therefore, the advanced management mode, professional human resources team, the global reservation system gives the brand a strong market appeal and competitiveness.

However, with the development of mobile Internet technology, new environments, new markets, new ethnic groups, new channels and new technologies require that hotel management, management and service keep pace with the times, and through innovation and empowerment of brands, require that operational systems be stronger The market adaptability and operational flexibility, and this is the National Hotel Group's natural shortcomings. The advantages of collectivization lie in the scale and the norm. The disadvantage of collectivization lies in the serious insufficiency of innovation, autonomy and flexibility of member hotels.

Therefore, in a new era of consumption full of uncertainty, the old-fashioned, conservative and inflexible "gentleman" figure has no charm at all. Faced with a new generation of practitioners, a rigid management system is more difficult to generate affinity, unable to activate employee motivation and organizational vitality. At the same time, with the rapid development of new channels and platforms, the reservation system of international hotel groups has lost its advantages and vitality. Advantages Disadvantages, strengths into shortcomings, not to go back, poor quality led to international brands from the seventy years of the last century, until about 2015, a 40-year period of market competitiveness has been severely challenged to survive The shaking of the inherent foundation will inevitably lead to confusion in the specific management behavior.

The company is located in:Second, the curse of philosophy.Professionalized human resource team is the most important international brand competitiveness, but with the expansion of the international brand size, the major brand groups lack of human resources, lack of professional management of the increasingly obvious problem. Mutual huddling, low energy high with the normalization of talent is the localization of the group in recent years taken by the basic strategy. Personnel in the category of "baker" are not good hotels, frequent free turnover of staff in the brand did not resonate with the brand, growth in the closed system personnel are limited vision, the only support and pride leaving only the brand surplus and vanity . Therefore, for dignity, they had to uphold the inherent thinking and awareness and shrink under the group system, thereby further losing their ability to experience, feel and evaluate, and grasp the market, and the diaphragm is deeper than the fiery and rapidly changing market . Unsatisfactory "by-style" thinking can not produce valuable ideas, it is impossible to form innovative ideas, it is impossible to create close to the market, close to spending, have a sense of temperature service products. Satisfaction with the times, dogma can only cause criticism.The company is located in:

Third, the curse of strategy.Scale efficiency is the value sought by the group during the manufacturing era. Under the successful extension strategy of the brand in the 1980s and 1990s, faced with the diversified and diversified new trend of development, the international brands still hope to adopt the brand extension strategy , Through the expansion of the scale to win the advantage. However, the fragmented market has already rendered such a strategy ineffective. In the face of complex and diverse consumer needs, it is very hard for a single group to provide quality products at different market levels. A service mark is not a product, not a brand, and an attempt to occupy all markets with empty marks is doomed to failure. At the same time, the recent concessions adopted by international brands and the introduction of third-party management companies to occupy the market are worse than ever. Short-term and short-sighted development strategies with no quality assurance are like a thirst to quench and thirst, which can only endanger the brand and speed up various contradictions. The outbreak of the problem.Keeping pace with the times, adapting to the market and innovating constantly, under the guidance of scientific and appropriate development strategy, we can never forget the beginning of our mind and always keep the international brands still playing an important role in the Chinese market and still be able to continue their success.

The company is located in:

Haohai management consultant director Jiang Haifeng: human hematopoietic system lag downstream into the necessaryOf courseThe problems of international hotel groups have not happened frequently in the past year or two simply because of the rapid rise of the media in recent years. Compared with the past, the spread of news is very fast and the spread of communication is also very extensive. Moreover, not only the frequent international hotel brands, the problem of domestic hotel groups are many, but because of the high visibility of international hotel groups, relatively easy to cause widespread concern of the media and the general public, the problem will continue to be "exposed."

It is true that the quality of international hotel brands, service quality compared to the past, did decline. The underlying reason behind this is the problem of human resources. In the process of rapid development of international brands, "human hematopoietic system" has not kept pace. Without a quality management team, the quality of operations can not be guaranteed and problems will come one after another.

In fact, many international hotel groups also recognize the problem of human resources, but there is understanding, but no action. As the saying goes: take the old road, can not reach a new destination. If there is no adjustment of the organizational structure and no innovation in business model and operation mode, it will still go its own way and the future will only continue to "go down."

For the international hotel group, it is because the existing models and systems are too mature, "too perfect", replacement costs are too high, and the innovation costs are too high, so the problems are not solved well. However, in such an era of great change, markets, products and consumers are changing. The "perfect" model 20 years ago is not necessarily perfect today. International Hotels Group only "drastic", "broken wrist" courage and determination, innovation and change in order to continue in China. Otherwise, like the Titanic, the tip of the iceberg can only hit.

The company is located in:

General Manager of Jiangsu Jiuzhou Universal Business Plaza Co., Ltd. Fang Shihong: running too fast lost soulInternational brand itself has a better brand awareness, the price of foreign products is also relatively high, the industry and society are more concerned about them, so the problem will be "enlarged." These years, international brands in order to staking their horses, crazy expansion, inevitably lead to lack of talent echelon, which also has its own brand impact. And the hotel industry payroll, working hours are not attractive to the talent. If people's problems are not properly solved, they will inevitably bring about problems of service quality and management laxity.

If you can not sink deep into the international market, the international brand deep plowing the Chinese market, just manage the output, excessive pursuit of market share, the future will certainly bring huge damage to their own brand. At the same time, China's domestic chain brand and the rise of a large number of local OTA, the future international pressure on the brand. In addition, Chinese society is experiencing an iteration of consumer groups, from 80 to the Internet age, more dynamic and individualized after 90, 00 change. The new generation of awareness of the brand is not very strong, but more emphasis on individual needs. In the Chinese market, if an international brand can not meet this change, its business and development will also be greatly affected.

Although it is not yet possible to define the declining international brands, they do run too fast and lose their souls quickly. This soul is clean and hygienic.The company is located in:

Valiant Landscape Resort, general manager of Valiant Valley Andy Andy: rapid expansion of the final brewed bitter fruit

Suddenly remembered the story shared by Jim Collins in "Choosing Excellence," on the "Quality Management Issues" of numerous international hospitality groups. The story is broadly speaking, two Antarctic expedition team, an advanced equipment, blindly grab the time every day blindly according to plan; the other is equipped properly, insisting that in any case, 20 lines a day. Finally, the former buried in the polar region, the latter successfully completed the task."Choosing Excellence" also introduces the growth experiences of so-called 10-speed companies, including Apple and Microsoft. Collins found that companies that really enjoyed rapid growth in long-term ranges were bound to be companies that strictly manage their growth rates in the short term Not the kind of desperate to see the opportunity, "how to how much" company.

Collins's essay just answers the questions facing many international hotel groups nowadays. Unpredictable expansion, win-win-win-style, in the face of huge Chinese market, "there is no shop across the village," the mentality. Such growth, quality problems, loss of quality, or even detract from the brand value is nothing more than normal.

Imagine just how strict the management of the international brands in the first and second tier cities 20 years ago, how meticulous the service standards are, how dedication is assigned to executives, and then take a look at the numerous international brands we now create for our guests The real experience. We can either assert that this is some sort of inevitability created by the immense expansion.

Large-scale high-speed expansion will inevitably lead to a shortage of core management personnel. Facing the quick success of the market will inevitably lead to the strategic tendencies of short-termism. Relaxing the franchising is simply not to mention what controls are in place. The problems encountered by international brands today are not accidental, nor peculiar. All brands seeking development, and even any developing hotels, should pay attention to whether they are capable of rationalizing "Twenty-day Trip."

The company is located in:

An international hotel group executives: local and low-end brands will only be worse than

The characteristics of the market maturity should be no level of Chinese and foreign brands, but cars, mobile phones, cosmetics, hotels, etc. This difference still exists. Chinese brands and businesses need to go out and conquer the world, at home should be stronger. Of course it takes a long way and several generations of hard work. Toilet door sheets door first exposure to ulterior motives, if the problem is the quality of practitioners and human nature of the ugly. If the phenomenon of international brands, local and low-end brands will only be worse. Industry needs to be established is the training system, payroll trust and other systems and mechanisms. If consumers are worried about pesticide residues, are living with bed sheets cup hotel, it will be industry, country and human sadness. Intercontinental Financial Street Hilton is the contract expires, these hotel management has been very long. Nationalism and populism can only vent their pleasure for a short while, not a solution to objective reason.The company is located in:

Wang Xingshun, full-time consultant of Chengdu Ginkgo Hotel Management School: worrying about the future NO

Let us first say Tibet independence. We should clearly understand that although many countries attach our government's position and recognize that Tibet in Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan is an inalienable part of our China, it is more of a consideration from the perspective of interests. In their subconsciousness, especially from some Western countries, the separation of Tibet from Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan from their own bones. With this basis of consciousness, it is always consciously or unconsciously manifested. To the advantage, they inadvertently exposed their true thoughts; to the worse they said that they are tempted to make public opinion and test the tolerant bottom line of our government. No matter what kind of situation, we need strong counter-attack, or even disciplinary.Say toilet door and sheets door, which also from two aspects to observe. On the one hand, for more than 30 years, the hotel industry has been booming and the number of star-rated hotels has surged. However, the quality of the hotel industry has not risen substantially and has even declined. On the other hand, the skyrocketing awareness of consumer quality and rights protection as well as the development of the media have also propelled the industry scandal frequently. No one can guarantee that in the first 20 years there will be no toilet door and sheets door incident. We just did not hear it.

The scandal over the number of international brand hotels in the closet doors and sheets leaves us with a more rational view of those lofty international hotel brands, breaking the superstition of their brands and looking at the "elite" of the industry in a more objective and rational way. It is a good thing that they are pulled down from the "altar," reminding our regulators that we should get rid of the superstition of international high-end brands and strengthen supervision. At the same time, as other high-end international brands competitors domestic brands, there is nothing to be fortunate. Because of competitors, there is no proof that they have no problem. Perhaps their own problems spread out, will be more ugly.Through this series of events, the decline of "social perception" of international hotel groups is an indisputable fact. The reason behind it is profound and complicated. I think the biggest reason is the disorderly competition in the big market environment where the hotel industry as a whole oversupply, and the mechanism effect of bad money driving out bad money. In the increasingly competitive and disorderly market environment, opportunistic, shoddy, is the most easy and simple way to profit. The unconscionable people did the unscrupulous trade first. If they were not punished, more people would give up the bottom line of conscience.

But objectively speaking, the international hotel group's quality control system will not collapse across the board due to several scandals. Their overall management level is still above most of the hotels in China, and there are many places that we can learn and learn from. We must recognize this clearly. So I am the International Hotel Group in the future development prospects of the Chinese market, and will not be concerned about the scandal.

This series of events reflects an industry-wide issue, not a single hotel issue. The future of the hotel industry, in addition to the need to strengthen supervision, I think we still need to rectify the market, improve the industry's access threshold, the "bad money" rejected outside the industry, "good money" a better living environment, it is imperative thing.