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Free use of chargers lead to mobile phone problems Hotel assumes responsibility?

   Each hotel's front desk will encounter the guest to borrow free charger, but not afraid of ten thousand times, in case of accident, the charger burst can not boot the phone, the phone can not turn on when the charge is complete, or charge the phone blew phenomenon has occurred.

   A hotel guest said that because the hotel guests are using the free front desk free charger (not original), the charger fails, the phone can not boot, and finally chose the hotel customer specified Apple service point repaired the phone, the cost of nearly two Thousand yuan (replace the motherboard chip 1100 + original battery 688 + service fee 199), all costs borne by the hotel, the middle also spent time to negotiate.
When a guest needs to borrow a charger, the hotel offers from a service point of view, but does the hotel take responsibility if an accident occurs? How to deal with the hotel? In order to reduce such accidents, the hotel how to solve the problem of temporary charge guests?
Free service can better reflect the hotel's responsiveness

Luo Xinping: I have always advised the hotel not to borrow for free, if guests need a charger, sold directly to the guests new, basically no accident.

Ho Sheng: Affordable hotels for sale, in the high-end hotel services from the point of view is definitely free, but the problem also had to bear the price.
Second: This kind of thing we talked about before the manager, he generously lend guests chargers at this stage, the results of the newly bought 6SP to red and white screen, the hotel lost 600 yuan, then we go to work in the face of the guests do not want By Apple's charger, we must inform the guests not to be original, the guests say nothing to lend him.

Chak Hong: Hotel in advance to provide guests with free chargers, guests have to declare that this is not the local original charger, in case there is anything conceited, it is to say two questions, guests must borrow the words he explained that there will be no Future results.

Li Xuesong: commitment, free, because the cost is included in the room rate, unless prior instructions, or in the name of individual employees to lend, otherwise free services may not appear, such as hotel discount free breakfast, guests eat this problem, which is certainly Hotel responsibility.

Chao: Hotels provide paid, unpaid things have adverse consequences should bear the responsibility.

Talk about the hotel's big management from a small charger

Sheraton HotelManager: The popularity of smart phones Mobile phone charging needs now exist objectively, but because of the quality problems of mobile phones and chargers have given us a certain risk, users need to charge, we also promote risk sharing, professional charging things to do professional Business, let guests lease charging treasure or charging equipment, take full responsibility for the enterprise, why not?

Unusual me: In fact, how to say it, the customer will always be God, the consumer restaurant to rely on the hotel inside the charger is a brand, so customers can be assured, the hotel also assured that if the real emergency, no matter who Wrong, first of all to find a professional mobile phone repair check to see what happened. If the responsibility of the charger hotel can take full responsibility. From another perspective, buy a branded charger, if the charger caused the problem, you can go find the charger business claims.

Intercontinental HotelGeneral manager. Hotels must buy regular brand chargers and keep their bills. If accidents and disputes occur, how much compensation can not be obtained by legal means, but the statutory rights and obligations after the 19th Congress should be further deepened, and the hotel managers Have a clear understanding of management. In the past, due to the unclear legal system, the hotel adopted a quiet attitude towards these issues. Charger official brand will be equipped with detailed instructions, we are in the procurement of time to make their own surrender sign, because we understand the authority in advance, as part of the service, which is also a spirit of law and spirit of service reflects.