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Cultural Tourism Real Estate may become an important direction for real estate enterprises to transf

  • Author:Tiffany
  • Source:NJC
  • Release on:2020-06-18

Cultural Tourism Real Estate may become animportant direction for real estate enterprises to transform

  On May29, China Evergrande won two parcels of Dalian Lushun Economic andTechnological Development Zone at a base price of 293 million yuan, with atotal parcel area of ​​236,800 square meters, and the planned use was residential land.

  According to Evergrande's statement to China Real Estate, the successfuldelisting of Lushun Parcel represents the official start of Evergrande's 10billion-dollar Lushun Shanhai Cultural Tourism Life Project. In the future,Evergrande will enrich the business elements with "Tourism +" tobuild a cultural tourism city in Northeast Asia. At the same time, the projectis positioned in the first city of Dalian Qinhai Travel and Living.

  According to the news, Evergrande spent 10 billion yuan in Lushun to build a2,000-acre cultural tourism market. It will plan the largest theme culturaltourism project in Dalian with the integration of theme hotels, conferencecenters, sports centers, parent-child entertainment and other functions. At thesame time, it will become Dalian's first pro-sea travel market with 1.8 millionsquare meters.

  Evergrande accelerates the layout of cultural tourism industry

  It isreported that as early as December 16, 2019, the Lushunkou District Governmentand Evergrande Real Estate Group had held the "Hengda Lushun CulturalTourism City" project cooperation development signing ceremony.

Thedata shows that the project covers an area of ​​1976 acres. The plan is mainly dividedinto the cultural tourism industry and supporting commercial and residentialparts. The total planned investment is about 15 billion yuan.

  Bothparties will build on the concept of "green, ecological, hydrophilic,low-carbon", relying on Lushun's unique natural resources and convenienttransportation, to build a leisure that integrates culture, entertainment,hotels, conferences, food, sports, parent-child entertainment. Tourism andvacation items.

  As ofMarch 2020, the Evergrande Cultural and Tourism City project has completed therelocation of the first-stage land use; the land acquisition work is rapidlyadvancing according to the time node, and the first phase of the project willstart construction in June.

On May23, the Evergrande Cultural Hotel entered North China for the first time, andthe demonstration area of ​​Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City was grandly opened. It isunderstood that the biggest highlight of the project, Evergrande Children’s World, is an all-indoor, all-weather, all-season fairy-tale fairytale paradise specially designed for children and children. Through six majortheme areas, including space, 33 amusement projects, a children’s house, and amain castle are planned.

  More than half of the top hundreds of realestate companies involved in cultural tourism real estate

  According to incomplete statistics, in recent years Evergrande, Sunac, Vanke,Country Garden and other leading housing companies have all deployed culturaltourism industries. According to institutional data, 57% of the top 100 realestate companies have been involved in the real estate field of culturaltourism, and at least 10 real estate companies have specifically establishedcultural tourism group companies. In 2019 alone, there were more than 100 keycultural tourism projects in various provinces and cities.

  According to the 2019 annual performance report disclosed by Sunac China, theannual revenue of Sunac Cultural Tourism increased by approximately 41% to RMB2.85 billion. At the same time, it achieved the wonderful opening of thecultural tourism cities in Guangzhou, Wuxi and Kunming, and the impact of SunacCultural Tourism The power has been greatly improved. As of 2019, SunacCultural Tourism has a total of 10 cultural tourism cities, 4 cultural tourismresorts, and 9 cultural tourism towns, covering 39 Sunachuang Paradise, 24businesses, and 70 high-end hotels.

  In 2014, Vanke announced an investment of 40 billion yuan to build the first skiresort project-Vanke Songhua Lake Resort. The project is located in Jilin City,Jilin Province, with an overall planned area of ​​approximately 20 square kilometers and atotal investment of 40 billion yuan.

  Inaddition, according to media reports, in recent years, Hangzhou Vanke has putmore energy into industrial construction. Liangzhu Cultural Village ushered inindustrial development opportunities, with a cumulative industrial investmentof more than 2 billion yuan, and gradually built an industrial platform foreducation, pension, cultural and creative, tourism, etc., with an averageannual industrial income of more than 500 million. In terms of cultural andcreative industries, Vanke invited the famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando todesign the Liangzhu Culture and Art Center.

  And asthe pioneering "tourism + real estate", the state-owned OCT,according to its annual performance in 2019, the OCT has 18 scenic spots, 24hotels, 1 travel agency, and 2 open tourist areas. In 2019, it received a totalof 52.09 million tourists The number of passengers increased by 12%year-on-year; the revenue from comprehensive tourism business was 30.263billion yuan, an increase of 58.96% year-on-year. The proportion of operatingincome rose to 50.42%, compared with 39.53% in the previous year.

  Withthe rapid development of urbanization, the period of rapid development of thereal estate industry has passed. Market differentiation and the acceleration ofhousing reshuffles have led to increased sales pressure, which has forcedhousing companies to accelerate their transformation and development. CulturalTourism Real Estate is an important direction for the transformation of realestate companies.

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