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Create a texture of the urban garden new space economy flushing hotel upgrade lever

After a period of explosive growth, the Chinese hotel industry is facing the key historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading, especially when Z will become a market consumption subject. They pay more attention to self-expression in the process of consumption, small, interest, and trend. The keywords of their consumption, traditional single hotel space clearly can't match these young people, and I have thought that the public space of pulling low pings is beginning to become the most effective income component. The hotel has also begun to enhance the experience value of public areas and the primary problem of increasingly increasingly income, a new hotel space economy quietly raised.

How does the new space create value for the hotel?

Compared to limited room space, the hotel is public space clearly has stronger operability, outside the traditional front desk, dining, meeting room features, many first-line hotel brands are actively exploring their functional form, area distribution, decoration The creation of the design and other links.

The urban garden hotel is based on the concept of space and people, will share new features such as office, children's entertainment, new retail, and new projects apply to the design of the hotel public space, give static space to more pluralistic functions and use, in-depth Explore the new properties of the hotel, unlocking more and staying in the interest.


The hotel lobby is a new space, art exhibition, cafe, flower shop, tea room, mini bar ... different interests, and cultural integration, create multiple choices on life.

Don't go down, but expand your ideas, the brand is constantly exploring the hotel's new attribute, the trunk is the space, giving life more imagination, and bring more possibilities for the income.

New space derived diversity

Compared with traditional hotel planning, the new scene built by the urban garden hotel brings a immersive consumer space, through the three-person business plan of the people, enhances the degree of space utilization and reconstructing the value. Based on the analysis of the scene and individualization needs of passengers, the brand will be implanted into the accommodation scenario in the living item, and the "heart account" of the consumer is precisely. " "The form" is more excited to stimulate consumption, bringing new revenue growth points for the store.

At this point, the hotel has become a consumer platform integrating accommodation and shopping malls, and the network technology is encompassed from the group's Internet technology, which makes this platform to add wings, according to the user needs of local climate and geographical characteristics, the supplies is more accurate, Let the passengers want to use; consider the inconvenience of consumers, launch online malls, scan code purchase, easy to log flow home; online feedback is timely and convenient, more adapt to the psychological distance of social distance in the epidemic prevention and control mode The appeal, invisible, enhanced interaction and relevance with the guests, and attracting consumers to the store experience to explore more customer base value.

Through the repositioning and creation of the hotel space, the urban garden hotels will have a new retail, lifestyle travel and other hotels, but also use the hotel's space efficiency, but also enhance the hotel's benefits, more competitive stress and more strengthened hotels The industry opened up a way to break the new road and helped the store to grab the development opportunity.