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2017 China Lodging Industry Internet Operation Conference opened in Hangzhou Grand

  • Source:Step forward
  • Release on:2017-12-15
   The conference centered on "collision thinking, breaking the future and fission ecology" to jointly explore the development direction, strategic layout, application of science and technology and operational methodology of the big lodging industry under new opportunities.
December 15, organized by the Rice Business School, Hangzhou, a direct guest Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Narada Hotels Group co-hosted the "China Lodging Industry Internet Operations Conference" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel World Trade Center held. Large accommodation (including hotels, B & B, apartments, etc.) representatives and the Internet industry elite attended the meeting.

In 2017, with the rise of non-standard accommodation, a diversified business environment will promote the development of the hotel industry into a big lodging industry. With the escalation of consumption and the rapid development of Internet technology, "experiential consumption" and "individualized demand" have made the boundaries of large hotel accommodation blurring. Industries no longer differentiate themselves from each other in terms of formats, but rather take consumers as the center, Focus on consumer experience of content operations and product iteration.

At the same time, with the ambiguity of the industry boundaries, large accommodation industry also faces many problems and doubts homogeneity. As a business school in the hotel industry in China, M Reservation School extends its focus from the hotel to the entire hotel industry based on the 2016 Hotel Internet Operation Conference. From the perspective of industry trends, future formats and operational cases, Operators and industry representatives to discuss these issues together to communicate and create, and hope that this conference to create the industry's mobile Internet era of advanced information exchange platform and content delivery platform.


The conference focused on the theme of "collision thinking, breaking the future and fission ecology" and explored the "opportunities and challenges for the hotel under the new retail and brand crossings in the Internet age" and "the wisdom and wisdom of direct sales and distribution channels Password "," non-standard residential brand integrated marketing case to bring the industry thinking "," smart and big data trends and the application of the industry "and other content to explore the big lodging industry under the new opportunities for development, Strategic Layout, Cognition of Technology Application and Operational Methodology.

Hangzhou East Network Technology Co., Ltd. Qiao Yi, consumer upgrades brands like Hometown founder / senior media people Kindu, Greater China Hotel (Hong Kong) Limited, vice president of marketing Cheng Nanjing Jinling Hotel Management Company Senior Consultant Engineer, Asia Pacific Hotel Construction Alliance engineering consulting think tank Ren Qiankun, deputy secretary general of China Smart Hotel Union Mu Lin, founder and CEO of Hi-Tech Digital Cheng Jie, general manager of Touyou Hotel Business Department Li Qinwen, Hangzhou direct booking information Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Li Donghang, as well as Oriental Confucianism Group, Shuxiang Hotel Group, Greentown Hotel Group and other high-level hotel nearly 500 people attended the conference. Mr. Wang Ping, the founder of the Golden Steward, was the moderator of this conference.


Mr. Qiao Yi, Chairman of Hangzhou Dongfang Network Technology Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech. Qiao Yi said that the hotel use of data for cross-border integration of resources is the trend of the times, 2017 is not only a hotel, including non-standard accommodation, including the use of the Internet in large accommodation industry thinking in resource cross-border, integrated marketing fission occurred A number of stunning examples, including "Yaduo + NetEase Selective Selection," "Internet Unmanned Hotel," and "Just Like Hometown," all bear witness to this trend.

"In 2017, China Internet Lodging Conference will extend its research and research perspective to the entire accommodation industry. In the era of promotion, hotels, homestay and apartment brands are part of the lodging industry. In the face of the development of the Internet, Applications, thinking transformation, differentiated management, consumer experience and other new similar puzzles and problems, the conference brings together the three sections, I believe will bring new thinking and vitality for the development of the industry.

In 2016, the scale of China's digital economy exceeded 22 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world in terms of the total amount. The development of the Internet itself is transforming the traditional industries. We have usher in a new era of digital, data and information technology. Along with the Internet of Things, The development of artificial intelligence, technology reform in traditional areas is accelerating.

In a letter of congratulation to the Fourth World Internet Congress, Xi Daji put forward that it is necessary to promote the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, foster new growth points and create new momentum. The use of the Internet to promote the transformation of China's large lodging industry, to find new growth points and breakthroughs in the industry, focus on intelligence, big data in the industry is also the focus of this conference and to share and explore with you.May the honored guests present at this conference appreciate more changes brought by the Internet + large lodging industry and find development opportunities and new growth points. "

It is learned that the three summit dialogues set up by this meeting have started thinking and colliding around the hotel direct sales and distribution of passwords, intelligence and hotel operation methodology in the Internet era. The most noteworthy of which is the PK link between the Cenozoic Era and the Laohu lakes, Combining the theory with actual combat cases, a large number of dry cargo items of hotel operating methods in the Internet era are presented. PK contest site voted by the audience and guest reviews selected "popular king" debater and "best debater."

The evening's Gala Dinner "Direct Guests Night" provides an excellent opportunity for all attendees to interact with each other. At the same time, it will also showcase its direct-selling platform "Direct Booking," which provides online direct sales and new eco-friendly hotels, Channel layout adds new options and opportunities.

The conference was strongly supported by such enterprises as Zhejiang Jiayin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wisdom Construction Technology Co., Ltd., Global Hotel Club, Zhejiang Bentley Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Hao Ming Trade Co., Ltd.