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2017 China Hotel Supplies Association members held a grand meeting!

September 9, 2017, from all over the country in the large, medium and chain hotel groups, the famous food and beverage industry brand, well-known dealers, the provincial hotel supplies industry associations, kitchen utensils gathered together to participate in 2017 China Hotel Supplies Association Festival, conspiracy China hotel supplies market development plan. At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Hanquan, President of China Hotel Supplies Association, together with Jingdong Mall home life business department Home daily necessities Hotel supplies exclusive channel responsible person Ms. Zhang Yanyan unveiled the Jingdong letter base hotel supplies exclusive channel on the line.
2017 China Hotel Supplies Association members held a grand meeting!
Jingdong Group Hotel supplies platform (jdyp.jd.com), is the letter-based group, Jingdong Group, China Hotel Supplies Association jointly planning, joint management of the hotel supplies exclusive channel, it will gather Jingdong strong capital flow, information flow, Logistics and logistics advantages, as well as Jingdong self-service experience and professionalism, coupled with the China Hotel Supplies Association, the letter-based group of strong hotel supplies industry resources, and ultimately for the global hotel industry, catering, government and enterprises at all levels , Small and medium enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and bed and breakfast hotels, etc., to build a global hotel supplies brand enterprises and their famous products of the Internet B2B sales platform.
2017 China Hotel Supplies Association members held a grand meeting!
In the years 2015 to 2016, China's economic and environmental growth slowed down, China's tourism and catering industry has contrarian, tourism, hotels, food and beverage consumption in a row year-on-year record high. Xinji Group, as a well-known real estate developer in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, has been cultivating professional market development of hotel supplies in the past 20 years. It has included the commercial real estate of the hotel and brought together the excellent suppliers and brand manufacturers. Jingdong as China's largest income of the electricity business enterprises, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the operation of electricity business, not only with many high-quality brand reached in-depth cooperation, with high-quality high-quality goods, but also has a nationwide logistics system, Users across the country to provide fast and convenient distribution services, but also in large data, Internet technology is still in the industry-leading position. The two sides will cooperate with their respective advantages, common deep plowing hundreds of billion hotel supplies market.

According to Ms. Zhang Yanyan, in July this year, Jingdong set up a hotel supplies exclusive channel, test the water to promote professional users for professional products for all types of enterprises involved in kitchen utensils, cloth grass, kitchen appliances, hotel equipment engineering, catering equipment Class, cleaning category, disposable supplies, professional labor insurance and clothing and other major categories of hotel supplies, there are already more than 100 well-known manufacturers brand strong settled.