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Spring opened its first foray into the hotel industry in five years 15-20

  • Author:Xiao Xia
  • Source:21st Century Business Herald
  • Release on:2015-12-08

Spring Group said it would depend on the future of tourism, aviation and the new hotel three business segments, creating a "Northeast Asia's largest integrated tourism group."
It has the country's first travel agency business, and after the country's first low-cost airline, Spring next goal is the hotel industry.


October 28, Spring Group in Shanghai, announced the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies will jointly Tokyo Sunshine Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: "Sunshine Real Estate") launched the "Spring Sunshine Hotel" brand in Japan, plans to use five years in the spring sailing Japanese cities to open 15 to 20 hotels.

This is the spring and the Group for the first time to enter the hotel industry. The same day, the first Spring Group also announced that it will depend on the future of tourism, aviation and the new hotel three business segments, creating a "Northeast Asia's largest integrated tourism group."

Reporters learned that the first half of next year plan said the hotel brand in Nagoya opened the first, then will cover the Tokyo, Osaka and other Japanese cities spring and sailing. To this end, Spring Group Spring Investment Management Limited (hereinafter: "Spring Investment") will jointly invest with sunlight estate 20 billion yen (about 1.1 billion yuan).

Wang Zhenghua, chairman of Spring Group, said Spring Airlines made the decision to enter the hotel industry for nearly a year, really determined mainly because last year saw a boom in passenger Spring Osaka route to go sailing and more after.

Wang Zhenghua stressed that the spring and into the hotel industry is still "another way." In the hotel brand's investment in the Spring and Autumn select "security at the end run" approach, that does not directly bear the investment risk, but rather to provide a basis by providing a source of profit for each other and get brand naming rights, hotel immovable property by use of the sun loans for the purchase.


Spring reluctant "only wedding dress"

28 Spring Investment Management Limited, general manager Lu Ronghua introduced "Spring Sunshine Hotel," the basic situation - the hotel will be divided into two sub-brand "City Hotel" and "Spa Hotel", the former mainly open major tourist cities in Japan , which will be the site of Japan's hot springs binding.

As Spring Airlines Spring Group's parent company, a wholly owned subsidiary, Spring Investment Management Limited was established in June this year in Shanghai free trade area. Spring said earlier that adhere to not diversified statement also still made in our ears, for why should enter the hotel industry, Wang Zhenghua said that after seeing the Spring and Autumn sailing Osaka and other Japanese cities local hotel rooms in short supply, the layout of the hotel and ancillary business in Japan has been imminent .

"Last year, out of Spring Chongqing, Wuhan and a number of inland cities to Osaka route, the attendance has remained above 95%, and soon attracted a large number of airlines to follow to sail to Japan, Osaka hotel also appeared in the season shortage situation . "Wang Zhenghua bluntly. "Companies have sound internal representation, spring sailing only to Japan hotels Why do the wedding dress, why not do it yourself directly?"

Wang Zhenghua stressed Spring to adjust their thinking to enter the hotel industry, certainly do not want to compete with the general format, and the profit margin is also a higher demand. Also its reasons for adopting the so-called "minimum guarantee management" model.

This model of cooperation can be achieved with the nature of the relevant partners. Japan Spring and Autumn sunshine estate partners Tokyo is 2007 at Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed real estate enterprises, the main business involves property rental, sale and re-use, re-use of real property which is its core business. According to its official website, as of the end of September last year, Sun has managed 306 immovable property, the property itself has a certain reserve.

Spring positioning integrated tourism group

Spring does not directly due to the investment property, and the sun itself has a number of real estate properties existing reserves, the two sides planned investment is not too much. According to the plan, age and sun immovable sides will invest 20 billion yen ($ 1.1 billion) for a maximum of 20 said the hotel building.

28, chairman of Sunshine Real Estate Corporation Horiguchi wisdom was said that after the opening of the first hotel in Nagoya, said the future of hotel brands will also enter other major Japanese cities Tokyo, Osaka, "Spring where to start and where to fly."

After intensive sailing Osaka, Spring Airlines has opened a large number of cities in China this year to Japan's third largest metropolitan center of Nagoya route, which has become the latest hub Spring in Japan. According to projections, by the end of this year in Japan Spring Airlines airline passenger traffic will exceed 120 million people, has the largest number of airlines are sailing on the Sino-Japanese routes.

Spring Sunshine Hotel in addition to relying on tourism to bring the team Spring tourists, Japan also hopes to attract individual travelers as well as local Japanese tourists.

Lu Ronghua describes that, in order to meet passenger demand, will launch a Japanese-style hotel not only to emphasize the Japanese-style tatami room hotel located, also plans to provide three to four people for the guest's family room, and in some hotel set free spa and hotel purchasing agent to meet the preferences of Chinese tourists.

It is worth mentioning that, with the hotel business layout settled, spring and a change in the past stressed that "air" position, for the first time proposed to create "integrated tourism group in Northeast Asia," the development goals. Wang Zhenghua said the company's future investment in the Spring and Autumn business segments, in addition to the hotel business, but also may develop other types of tourism real estate business.