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Domestic old hotel, why hang "foreign head"?

  • Source:First Financial Daily
  • Release on:2015-12-08

Astor Hotel, Beijing Hotel and Peace Hotel is a centuries-old treasure-class hotel, a story, culture, well-known, their cooperation with the international hotel managers have actually started to help these foreign brand reputation, easily take root China hotel market.

First self-review, make hotel magazine editor, when there is a period of time immersed in the international luxury hotel brand gorgeous world, for the Chinese local brands hotel, especially old, the heart will laugh from time to time its rustic.

The first "wake up" in 2008, the British "Economist" magazine (TheEconomist) Tokyo station reporter Dominic trip to China, I, as the accompanying translation followed him to Quanzhou. The starting point of the Maritime Silk Road city, had lost at the time of the bustling, the streets either private car, bus, or car batteries, are put on the rampage out of control posture, he had scared many years of living in Beijing do not know how too Dominic road.

The same day, we live in the old city near Kaiyuan Temple, a very humble, quiet old hotel (unfortunately forgot the name). Three or four layers of old buildings, a huge yard eyes are green, the room facilities absolutely no five-star hotel's marble bedside tables, beds, desks and other furniture obviously outdated, but clean up every corner dry cleaner net. A pair of service personnel mostly idle, stiff, still living in the 1980s the state, there is no luxury international brands that occupational warm hotel staff, but they do seem very real. The next day's breakfast, porridge, pickles taste like homemade, the guests seemed mostly civil servants and business people, without exception, polite volume. When I sat in the window, looking out the side of the tree it is said to have one hundred years old trees, while the temperature of the porridge just slowly drink of the time, really from the heart to love the atmosphere of this old hotel.

The next year, I found the same feeling in the Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel Boao, Hainan. Because a Forum for Asia, Boao from a small fishing village into a popular resort. This hotel is specially built for the inaugural Asia Forum, the Forum venue that is set up in its main building next door to the east, countries have an important figure in this stay, considered Boao first five-star hotel. I went to that year, because there are other brands Sofitel, etc. presence, this old star hotel somewhat lonely. Building exterior looks really attractive enough, but the room Nanyang style beds, tropical fruits, flowers and birds paintings, yellowing of the sofa on the wall, as if all of a sudden was admitted to the infirmary of the senior cadres. Later in the rear of the hotel actually found by a Chinese acupuncture, and there is also a 80-year-old expert chatted for a while, I heard, to participate in the annual forum of many politicians would come here to see traditional Chinese medicine, to restore his health. However, I was living the main building behind the new rooms should not be the nostalgic tone.

Of course, to say to the Chinese the most representative of the old hotel, when the number of Astor Hotel Tianjin, Beijing Hotel in Beijing and the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. These old hotel charm, is their "old" it. Old building, old rooms and from how many celebrities, famous or unknown how many occurred story. Built in 1893, the Astor Hotel Tianjin, then got the autograph Shouyu Queen Victoria is said to China's first electric light, the telephone, electric fans and elevators appear here. Speaking Guests that are also celebrities: When Mei Lanfang in Tianjin should show package under the Astor Suite 332, then 332 is referred to as "Lanfang Suite"; Puyi Astor often to eat " Imperial "jump foreign dance, eat Western food; Beijing hotel is a former only three doors down tavern until 1917 Western-style house was built and now French; museum was founded in 1903 Peace Hotel, the lobby on the second floor so far still shows a lot of weighty old objects: 80-year-old carved silver spoon, 70-year-old record, 50-year-old bone china cup ...... sen, Lu Xun, Charlie Chaplin, Tagore and other Chinese and foreign celebrities have stayed here.

In addition, the old Jin Jiang Hotel, Xingguo Hotel, Ruijin Hotel Shanghai and so on, even for a Shanghai native, is one slightly mysterious place, at least in the past, people can access these places are old and panache. Even when he was a full-time care physicians Zuo Zhou Enlai good in the "Zhou Enlai last decade," a book of them all Xingguo hotel has such a sigh, "It was a quiet place, quiet environment, hospital dense trees, green grass grass football field like a big lawn and a swimming pool. to see all this really makes me incredible moment ...... "

However, other industries and China, like some old, over the past few years, these old hotels have also suspend "foreign head": Peace Hotel transfiguration "Fairmont Peace Hotel", Astor became Starwood's Luxury Collection Hotel, Beijing hotel also handed over to the Raffles hotel group care. The three professional degrees in hotel management brand of natural Needless to say, if it is the local brand new hotel invites these international brands to be managed in order to improve the overall level of the team in the short term, to expand the hotel visibility, it can also be understood. However, these three are the centuries-old treasures class hotel, a story, culture, and visibility. In my opinion, such cooperation actually started with the help of these foreign brands fame, easy root in China hotel market, China has a lot of money they have to pay the management fee annually, this account really does not pay.

Really understand the Chinese old hotel, or grew up in this land of people. Perhaps because you were a kid in a hotel often eat Western food, grow naturally it are not the same feeling, perhaps trying to set their wedding held there. This grab guests effect from the heart softest place, is to spend huge advertising costs are also difficult to achieve it. So had decades of work in the Peace Hotel was a group of older employees, such as doorman, musicians, etc., have been left behind foreign managers, because no matter how the name change, a charming old hotel is the soul of these eventful years of experience with the hotel common people.